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solar pool covers

Solar Pool Covers

18:07 29 April in Info Zone

AAA Pool Service, LLC sells and installs solar pool covers and reels to keep your pool cleaner longer, to conserve water, to preserve the chemical balance, and help regulate your pool’s temperature. We also offer revolutionary liquid solar covers.

Solar pool covers act as water blankets to keep out the sun’s harmful rays while keeping the pool water clean and clear. Our solar blankets have bubbles integrated within the transparent blue weave to trap in warmth and provide for a long life of durable use. We will recommend the proper size for your in-ground pool and discuss what reel would work best for you.

Solar pool covers come in 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, and 24’ widths. The pool cover reels can be a hard poly or aluminum and can have castor wheels, locking castors, or wide base structures to stay put. We can also provide attractive reel covers that protect the pool cover and reel when not in use for extended periods of time.

Liquid in-ground pool solar covers are a fast and effortless way to keep your pool warmer even while swimming! Packaged as adorable tropical fish, the liquid is released by snipping off a corner and tossing into your pool. The revolutionary liquid invisible solar pool cover will rise to the surface and spread. This layer will inhibit water evaporation just up to 60% of what a traditional cover can do, but it works 24 hours a day even while swimmers enjoy the pool. Each fish package can cover a surface area of 350 to 400 square feet and just one lasts up to 30 days.

Why is a solar pool cover important?

Solar pool covers help keep your pool clean for longer periods.

A solar pool cover helps to keep leaves, yard debris, petals, twigs, and many insects and small creatures from falling into your pool. A properly installed cover can decrease your weekly pool maintenance time and costs.

Solar pool covers help retain the warmth of your swimming pool.

Keeping a heated swimming pool covered at night reduces overall heat loss for more swimming enjoyment the next day. Pool owners also see a cost savings on their energy bill due to less strain on the pool heater.

Solar pool covers save water and conserve resources by greatly decreasing water evaporation.

The evaporation process changes water into steam or foggy vapor mist.

A pool that is covered will lose less water through natural daily evaporation, and thus conserves this valuable resource. With less need to refill your swimming pool as often – especially living in a typical drought area like California – using less water is the smartest thing to do.

Decrease your energy costs and save money with a solar pool cover.

A solar pool cover can actually assist you in saving energy whether your pool is heated with electricity, gas, or solar power. Purchasing a pool cover is worth the investment as you can see an almost instant savings on your energy and water bills.

A solar pool cover helps pool chemicals last longer and work better.

Simply using a pool cover can reduce your pool’s chemical consumption by 30% to even 60%. The cover protects the chemical balance from the sun’s UV rays when the pool is not in use, and saves them from the evaporation process as well.

For thorough and professional full-service swimming pool maintenance and care, contact AAA Pool Service. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our swimming pool solar covers and pool cover reel systems.