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Energy Star Pool Pumps

Upgrade today and get a $100 rebate from PG&E!
energy star pool pumps

As an authorized Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer, AAA Pool Service is qualified and approved by PG&E in partnership with the Foundation for Pool & Spa Industry Education (FPSIE) to provide, install, and service Energy Star Pool Filtration Pumps. For pool pumps installed before December 31st, 2014, we will also help each customer obtain a $100 rebate from PG&E.


Your swimming pool can be the source for approximately 20% of your overall household energy consumption. By simply upgrading to a variable-speed pool pump, you will see a cost savings on your energy bill as well as contribution towards protecting the environment.


Variable-speed pool filtering pumps provide swimming pool owners the ability to conserve energy by pumping at lower speeds during normal operation, and then the option to pump with a higher speed as needed for the operation of pool cleaning equipment or water features. The faster that pool water is filtered from your pool, the more energy you will use. Just by choosing to slowly filter the pool over a longer duration per day, you can actually save almost half off your monthly pool electric usage costs*.


Slowing down the rate of water in the pool pump can reduce pumping costs because the water will move slower throughout the piping system and reduce the overall friction. Allowing for decreased friction within the system reduces the pump’s back pressure — as a result, the pump motor is working less hard to do the same work. Faster pool pump filtering uses more energy, but by setting the pump to lower levels you save energy and money. It is that simple.

Did You Know?


  • If you filter your swimming pool slowly over a period of about six hours per day, it will efficiently maintain the cleanliness of your pool. Have your filter properly maintained and backwashed only when necessary.


  • If you set your pool pump timer to stay off between the hours of 2:00pm to 7:00pm, which is a typical period of peak energy use, you can decrease your energy use by up to 60%.


  • That as of August 9th, 2009, the California Energy Commission’s Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Standards, Section 1605.3 required that residential single-family pool pumps are to be operated by a programmable controller capable of switching speeds automatically and defaulting to the low-speed setting after 24 hours if a manual high-speed override is present. AAA Pool Service can help you determine what pool pump and filtering system will best work for your pool.


  • Keeping the intake grates and pool drains clean and clear of debris will keep them working efficiently.


  • You may be paying up to 10% – 30% in added energy expenses for every degree higher that your pool’s temperature is set. While many pool owners like the water temperature between 77°F and 81°F, if you adjust the heater down just a few degrees — you will save energy. Be sure to turn it off when away on vacation or when the pool is not in regular use.


  • Using a solar pool cover can help keep the pool temperature at a steady level, as well as conserve water since evaporation at the surface level can cause the loss of a significant amount of pool energy.

For thorough and professional full-service swimming pool maintenance and care, contact AAA Pool Service. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our swimming pool pump services and can schedule an appointment to provide a detailed estimate.


AAA Pool Service, LLC has over 21 years in business servicing pool equipment and all pool-related needs. As experts at in-ground saltwater or chlorine swimming pool maintenance; the owner is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) and an authorized Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer. We provide regular scheduled services to help keep your pool looking and performing its best.


Our commitment to providing our customers with affordable and professional service extends to our wish for each customer to save money, save energy, save water, and enjoy a pool system that really works.


*The savings mentioned are based on a typical pool. Actual savings will be determined by the size of the pool and by an energy assessment. Unfortunately, not all pools will be able to have a variable speed pool pump upgrade.


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