About AAA Pool Service

Who are we you ask?

AAA Pool Service, LLC provides professional in-ground swimming pool care, cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Established in 1994, we service most areas within the beautiful Shasta County, California, after having worked for 23 years in Sonoma County.


Our mission is to provide honest work and comprehensive swimming pool services that go above and beyond what other pool cleaning companies promise. Many of our own happy customers used to be unsatisfied with their previous pool service providers due to their lack of providing actual full-service care.


While many other pool service companies would charge for full-service maintenance; they would also charge the customer again for filter cleanings, additional pool chemicals, and tell the client that the pool sweep was the vacuum. We cannot keep count of how often a customer will observe us vacuuming their pool properly and state that they had never seen it done before by the other companies that charged them for full-service.


We guarantee to clean each customer’s saltwater or chlorine swimming pool the way it is supposed to be done. That is our promise.

Meet The Owner

Stephen Henderson, CPO

For over 23 years, Stephen Henderson, a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) has provided exceptional swimming pool services. He is also an authorized Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer. As a California native, he understands the importance that a cool, clean pool has for area residents that experience the sometimes very dry hot summers.


Having always enjoyed swimming and being in pools as well, he has a passion for helping others do the same. When not working, Stephen enjoys listening to music, playing bass guitar, and spending time in the great outdoors with his family and friends.

Service Areas

We service most areas within the beautiful Shasta County, California.




Palo Cedro

Licensed, Insured & Certified

AAA Pool Service Is Fully Licensed & Insured

Certified Pool Operator

PG&E Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer